Ryu Gwan-sun

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Ryu Gwan-sun
Ryu Gwansun in the Japanese prison.
Korean name
Hangul 유관순
Hanja 柳寬順
Revised Romanization Ryu Gwansun
McCune–Reischauer Ryu Kwansun

Ryu GwanSun (December 16, 1902 – September 28, 1920), also known as Yu Gwansun was a Christian Korean freedom fighter who protested against the Japanese occupation of Korea.[1][2]

Childhood[change | change source]

Ryu Gwansun was born on December 16, 1902, in a small farming village. Her brother said that she taught herself how to read Hangul.[3] She was a playful, lively child who enjoyed running "like a boy" and was able to memorize Bible verses quickly.[3] Her nephew, who grew up in the same village as her, said that she had very large, bright black eyes.[3] Her brother described her as tall, with a plump, fair face.[3]

When she was 12, she entered the Ewha Girls' School in Seoul, where she learned more about Christianity.[4]

Demonstrations[change | change source]

Ryu Gwansun joined in the March 1st Movement with some friends from her school, though her teacher strongly told them not to.[5] She was taken to prison for a short time, and her school was closed.[4] With the help of her family and friends, Ryu planned a peaceful demonstration in her province for 1 March. The day before the demonstration, Ryu lit a bonfire on a mountain as a signal to begin the demonstration.[4] The next day, over 2000 people came together in a marketplace for the demonstration.[6] The Japanese police shot at the people, and about 19 people died, including Ryu's parents.[6] Ryu Gwansun was taken to prison. She died in prison when she was 18. After her death, her face was used as a symbol for the Korean rights activists.

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