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Alesha Dixon

Alesha Anjanette Dixon (born 7 October 1978) is a British singer and television personality. She was born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England to an English mother and Jamaican father. She was a member of UK girl band, Mis-Teeq. She released her first UK solo album, The Alesha Show, in 2008.

Mis-Teeq[change | change source]

Dixon's career began in 1999 when she met Sabrina Washington when they both joined Dance Attic (a popular dance class school in West London), and together they formed a duo and recorded a demo titled Inspiration. During an audition, they met with Su-Elise Nash, and then together they formed a trio. They were soon signed to Telstar Records with the addition of a new member, Zena McNally, and became the popular Garage/R&B girl band, Mis-Teeq. They released their debut single "Why?" in 2000, and it was not long before founding member McNally left the band to pursue her own solo career. The band made a decision to remain a trio.

In 2001, they released their debut album Lickin' On Both Sides, featuring hits All I Want, One Night Stand, B With Me and Roll On / This Is How We Do It. In 2003, they released their second album Eye Candy, featuring hits Scandalous, Can't Get It Back and Style. In 2004, Mis-Teeq toured the United States and released their debut single Scandalous from their American debut album Mis-Teeq, a compilation of the albums Lickin' On Both Sides and Eye Candy. They also released One Night Stand before coming back to Europe to start work with their third album. However, Telstar Records was shut down and the band was left with no choice but to have released a 'Greatest Hits' compilation right under exclusive licenses with Universal Recording Company.

Dixon appeared in the N*E*R*D* music video for She Wants to Move, from their second album Fly Or Die. The last song she recorded with her band was Shoo Shoo Baby for the Disney movie Valiant. In March 2005, they released their 'Greatest Hits' compilation and announced that they were separating each to pursue a solo career. Dixon later announced that she was signed with a ₤500,000 contract deal with Polydor Records and announced that she will work on material for her solo debut album. In summer of 2005, she married her long-time fiancé, rapper MC Harvey (formerly of So Solid Crew).

Solo career[change | change source]

Dixon has spent an entire year preparing for her solo debut album, Fired Up. In June 2005, she announced her single to be "Superficial", but the song leaked on illegally file sharing and the company stated her next single to be "Lipstick". She released her official first debut single "Lipstick" on 14 August 2006 and it went to #13 on the UK Single Charts. Dixon announced that she has worked with a wide arrangement of producers for her solo debut album, including Richard X, Xenomania, Johnny Douglas, Brian Higgins, and Paul Eppe. She has even worked on a song with famous UK rapper Estelle.

Dixon announced that her second single will be Knock Down a song she describes as a 'reggae-influenced' tune. The single was released on 30 October 2006. An album promo of Fired Up was released during the early weeks of September, it contained the tracks: "Lipstick", "Knock Down", "Ting-A-Ling", "Fired Up", and "Free", all which are expected to be on her debut album.

After "Knock Down" did not chart in the top 40 her record company dumped her, and "Fired Up" was not released anywhere except Japan. After winning Strictly Come Dancing in 2007 she made a comeback, in 2008 Alesha released The Boy Does Nothing, the lead single from her album The Alesha Show, she then released Breathe Slow which charted at #3 on the UK singles chart, her highest charting single yet.

She released her third album The Entertainer in 2010.

She gave birth to her first child Azura Sienna in 2013.[1]

Discography[change | change source]

Albums[change | change source]

Singles[change | change source]

Year Title Album Chart positions
2006 Lipstick Fired Up 13 40 80 128 98 59 108
2006 Knockdown Fired Up 45 107 - - - - -
2008 The Boy Does Nothing The Alesha Show 5 19 - 2 12 - -
2009 Breathe Slow The Alesha Show 3 18 - - - - -

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