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Coordinates: 52°8′N 5°35′E / 52.133°N 5.583°E / 52.133; 5.583Coordinates: 52°8′N 5°35′E / 52.133°N 5.583°E / 52.133; 5.583
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Postcode 3770-3776,3780-3781,3784-3785,3794,3886
Area code(s) 0342, 0577
Centre of Barneveld.
Map of part of Barneveld in 1866

Barneveld (Loudspeaker.png pronunciation (info • help)) is a municipality in the middle of the Netherlands, in the province Gelderland. The main centre is the village of Barneveld.

The municipality has an area of 176.74 km².

Towns and villages of the municipality[change | edit source]

People per centre and surrounding area
1 January 2006
Name No. people within centre No. people outside centre
Barneveld 23,960 28,640
Voorthuizen 8,110 9,710
Kootwijkerbroek 1,810 4,870
Garderen 1,470 2,060
Zwartebroek 800 1,260
Terschuur 750 1,480
Stroe 720 1,500
De Glind 350 630
Kootwijk 130 280
Bron: CBS [1]

Other centres are: Essen, Esveld, Garderbroek, Harselaar, Kallenbroek, Moorst (partly), Wessel and Recreatiegebied Zeumeren.

Geography[change | edit source]

The municipality neighbours Nijkerk, Putten and Ermelo to the north. Apeldoorn lies to the east. Municipalities Ede, Renswoude, Scherpenzeel and Woudenberg are to the south. Municipalities Leusden and Amersfoort neighbour Barneveld to the west.

Notable people born in Barneveld[change | edit source]

References[change | edit source]

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