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A Cycle is something that is round. The word comes from Greek, where it means circle.

  • A bicycle is a thing with two (circular) wheels. People use it for transportation.
  • A cycle is a sequence of events that repeat over and over again, for example: the cycle of the seasons.
  • A cycle can be a group of poems or songs that belong in a group together.
  • If people talk about a circular argument, what they mean is that after a few steps, premises are used, that have already been stated, in other words: they come back to the beginning of their argument again.
  • A vicious cycle or vicious circle is something bad that is a habit that is hard to break out of. For example: the more a parent shouts at a child, the naughtier the child becomes. It is difficult for the parent to stop shouting or the child to stop being naughty.

If something appears in a cycle it can be described as cyclic.