Days of Our Lives

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Days of our lives

James Scott who plays Elvis (EJ) Dimera
Genre Soap opera
Created by Ted Corday
Betty Corday
Directed by Herb Stein
Phil Sogard
Albert Alarr
Grant Johnson
Starring List of Cast Members
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 47
No. of episodes 11,810 (as of March 30, 2012)
Executive producer(s) Ken Corday
Greg Meng
Lisa de Cazotte
Running time 30 minutes (1965-1975)
Production company(s) Corday Productions, Inc.
Universal Television (1965-1998; 2002-2004; 2011-present)
Studios USA (1998-2002)
NBC Universal Television (2004-2011)
Distributor In Association With Sony Pictures Television (2002-present)
Columbia TriStar Television (2001-2002)
Columbia Pictures Television (1974-2001)
Screen Gems (1965 until name change in 1974)
Original channel NBC
Picture format 480i (SDTV) (1965-2010)
1080i (HDTV) (2010-present)
Audio format Stereo
Original run November 8, 1965 (1965-11-08) – present
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Days of Our Lives is a popular American television show on the NBC television network. It is one hour long and is broadcast during the day. Betty and Ted Corday made the show in 1965. Two companies, Corday Productions and Sony Pictures Television make Days of Our Lives. In November 2005, the show celebrated 40 years on TV. It is currently in its 47th season with 11,855 episodes (as of June 1, 2012). They began filming the show in HD in 2010.

Days of Our Lives takes place in the city of Salem. The main families on the show are the Bradys, the Dimeras and the Hortons. Many good and bad things happened to the Brady family and the Horton family. One character named "Stefano DiMera" does some of the bad things that happen to characters on this show. Stefano is still on the show.

Characters[change | edit source]

  • Stefano Dimera is the head of the Dimera family. He is the villain in Salem and has done many bad deeds to the Brady family, mainly Marlena (now married to John Black, but was married to Roman Brady before), Roman Brady, John Black (Marlena's husband), Sami Brady (and her ex-husband Rafe Hernandez), Bo and Hope Brady.[1][2]
  • Maggie Horton (née Simmons)[3] has been played by actress Suzanne Rogers since August 20, 1973.[4] Maggie was created by scriptwriter William J. Bell, and executive producer Betty Corday.
  • Sami Brady, daughter of Roman and Marlena Brady. She has a twin brother Eric, and her half sister is Carrie. Sami's first crush was on Carrie's boyfriend Austin Reed whom she drugged and pretended to have his child, but the real father was Austin's brother Lucas. Together they have a son Will who is grown now and about 18 years of age. Sami also has twins Allie (by Lucas) and Johnny (by EJ, who raped her). They are about 6 years old and she has three year old Sydney by EJ. While she was pregnant with Sydney she tried to hide her pregnancy from EJ and so went into hiding. The FBI agent protecting her (she witnessed the murder of the Mayor at the Dimera mansion), was Rafe Hernandez. When she got back to Salem with a new baby, she claimed the baby was adopted. This baby she named "Grace". The story later reveals that Nicole Walker (married to EJ at the time) miscarried their child so she stole Sami's baby (which she named Sydney). So when Grace has a terminal illness and dies (Grace, we find out is the baby of Mia and Chad) -Sami is heartbroken and EJ too (who finds out at the last minute that Grace was his child -and hates that Sami didn't tell him about the baby. So when Sami finds out that Nicole's baby is really hers, she gains custody of the child (Sydney) -only to soon have EJ kidnap Sydney and to go so far as pretend to Sami that the baby is dead (all for revenge). And EJ and Stefano take Rafe (Sami's now husband) as a prisoner in the basement of the Dimera Mansion -they replace him with a look alike Rafe who is sent to live with Sami. Later, Rafe works alongside Carrie (Sami's sister) since she is an attorney and they open a private detective agency. They fall in love but do not have affair. Johnny goes missing and there is a misunderstanding when a body is found and they claim it is Johnny. So that is when she runs over to EJ's home and they rip apart their clothes and made love on the couch. Her son Will happens to see all this. Then Sami and EJ find out that Johnny is not dead, but alive (thanks to Rafe finding him hiding under the counter at the Brady Pub). The secret of course comes out when Rafe overhears Will tell his friends what his mom did with EJ. So Rafe is so mad at Sami for lying to him, he leaves. Well, that should let him have a life with Carrie, but NO, we find out that Carrie is pregnant (with Austin's child) and she's going to stay with him for the baby's sake. And Rafe is pretending to be Nicole's child's father (EJ is really the father of Nicole's child). And Sami is currently with her longtime love Lucas (much to Kate's chagrin).

Couples[change | edit source]

Here is a list of some of the main couples on the show:[5]

  • John and Marlena Black
  • Bo and Hope Brady
  • Abe and Lexie Carver
  • Stefano and Kate Dimera (recently split up)
  • Jack and Jennifer Devereux
  • Austin and Carrie Reed (Austin is Kate's son, Carrie is Roman's daughter)
  • EJ Dimera and Nicole Walker (recently split up)

References[change | edit source]