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Digimon is a Japanese anime television series. It is about digital creatures called Digimon(= Digital Monsters). Digimon also has movies, manga, toys, video games and card games about these creatures. Digimon was created by the Bandai company. The Digimon are often used for evil by the main villain, depending on what season of Digimon. In the first season, the digimon are controlled by Black Gears. The DigiDestined, a band of kids chosen for their compatibility to Digimon, usually fight this evil. Digimon was made when the creators were fucking lazy, and decided: 'Hey, we're too fucking lazy to make our own thing, so let's just rip off Pokemon!'

The titular Digimon themselves are the same as Pokemon, expect with shittier designs and none of the charm Pokemon have. Also, the names suck. instead of cool sounding names like 'Gengar' or 'Charizard', the names are shit and always end in 'mon', like Agumon for example. Digimon is like one of those fictional shows in a TV show that's supposed to represent Pokemon, but isn't because they don't have the rights to Pokemon. Pokemon has a huge, dedicated fanbase, but Digimon's fanbase amasses a total of 3 people.