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The Feldkirch Poetry Prize, in German Feldkircher Lyrikpreis, started by Erika Kronabitter, an Austrian artist and writer, is given every year by the theater Theater am Saumarkt in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg/Austria. Among the sponsors, there are the Austrian government, the local administration of Vorarlberg and private banks. In 2003, the poetry prize was organized for the first time.

Poets from all countries may send in their poems. German philologists and poets are the jury. The winners are presented to the public during Fall. The winning poems are archived in the Library of Vorarlberg.

Winners[change | edit source]

2012[change | edit source]

  1. Elisabeth Steinkellner
  2. Sascha Kokot und Andra Schwarz

2011[change | edit source]

  1. Tobias Falberg
  2. C. H. Huber
  3. Claudia Scherer

2010[change | edit source]

  1. Kenah Cusanit
  2. Regina Hilber
  3. Udo Kawasser

2009[change | edit source]

  1. Marcus Pöttler
  2. Silke Peters and Thilo Krause (ex aequo)

2008[change | edit source]

  1. Andreas Neeser
  2. Martin Strauß
  3. Lina Hofstädter

2007[change | edit source]

  1. Klaus Händl
  2. Bernhard Saupe
  3. Alexandra Lavizzari
  4. Thomas Steiner

2006[change | edit source]

  1. Adelheid Dahimène
  2. Christine Haidegger
  3. Ludwig Laher
  4. Hans Eichhorn

2005[change | edit source]

  1. Knut Schaflinger
  2. Julia Rhomberg
  3. Udo Kawasser
  4. Klaus Ebner

2004[change | edit source]

  1. Elsbeth Maag
  2. Knut Schaflinger
  3. Lisa Mayer
  4. Gertrude Pieber-Prem
  5. Sabine Eschgfäller
  6. Udo Kawasser und Walter Pucher

2003[change | edit source]

  1. Elfriede Kehrer
  2. Norbert Mayer
  3. Walter Pucher
  4. Mechthild Podzeit-Lütjen
  5. Ulrike Ulrich

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Sources[change | edit source]

  • Austrian newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten