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Fermentation of cheese

Fermentation is when a cell uses sugar for energy without using oxygen at the same time.

Yeast is an organism that ferments. When yeast ferments sugar, the yeast eats sugar and produces alcohol. Other cells make vinegar or lactic acid when they ferment sugar. This is used to make beer, some types of fuel and to make bread rise. Yeast can be also used to grow bakery products like bread and cakes faster. In some cases yeast might be used to speed up the process of creation of wine.

Types of fermentation[change | change source]

When yeast ferments, it breaks down the glucose (C6H12O6) into ethanol (CH3CH2OH) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

  • Ethanol fermentation always produces ethanol and carbon dioxide. It is important in bread-making, brewing, and wine-making.
  • Lactic acid fermentation produces lactic acid. It happens in muscles of animals when they need lots of energy fast.

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