George V of Hanover

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George V of Hanover
Born 1819
Died 1878

George V (George Frederick Alexander Charles Ernest Augustus; 27 May 1819–12 June 1878) was the last king of Hanover and a member of the German branch of the House of Hanover.He was a grandson of George III of the United Kingdom and son of Ernest Augustus I of Hanover. George V was a cousin of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Family[change | edit source]

George married, on 18 February 1843, at Hanover, Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg, the eldest daughter of Joseph, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg, by his wife, Duchess Amelia of Württemberg. They had three children.

Issue[change | edit source]

Name Birth Death Notes
Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover 21 September 1845 14 November 1923 married Princess Thyra of Denmark and had issue.
Princess Frederica of Hanover 9 January 1848 16 October 1926 married Alfons, Baron von Pawel-Rammingen but had no surviving issue.
Princess Marie of Hanover 3 December 1849 4 June 1904 died unmarried.