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A woman with goitre.

A goitre or goiter (Latin: struma), also called a bronchocele, is a swelling in the neck (just below Adam's apple or larynx) due to an enlarged thyroid gland .The thyroid gland's enlargement usually occurs due to deficiency of iodine.

Thyroid gland

Classification[change | change source]

They are classified in different ways:

  • A "diffuse goitre" is a goitre that has spread through all of the thyroid (and can be a "simple goitre", or a "multinodular goitre").
  • "Toxic goitre" refers to goitre with hyperthyroidism. These most commonly due to Graves disease, but can be caused by inflammation or a multinodular goitre.
  • "Non toxic goitre" (associated with normal or low thyroid levels) refers to all other types (such as that caused by lithium or certain other autoimmune diseases).

Causes[change | change source]

Other causes are:

New research indicates that there may be a tendency to inherit an increased vulnerability to goitre.

Famous goitre sufferers[change | change source]

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