List of rivers of Iran

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This is a list of the rivers in Iran. They are arranged geographically by river basin from west to east.

Flowing into the Persian Gulf[change | edit source]

Flowing into the Gulf of Oman[change | edit source]

  • Dozdan River
  • Jagin River
  • Gabrik River
  • Bahu Kalat River (or Dashtiari River or Silup River)

Flowing into endorheic basins[change | edit source]

Lake Urmia[change | edit source]

Caspian Sea[change | edit source]

Dasht-e Kavir[change | edit source]

Gavkhouni[change | edit source]

Hamun-e Jaz Murian[change | edit source]

Sistan Basin[change | edit source]

Hamun-i-Mashkel[change | edit source]

  • Mashkid River (Mashkel River)

Karakum Desert[change | edit source]