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Logitech's Silicon Valley office
Logitech wireless mouse

Logitech is a Swiss company that makes electronics. They are best known for making Peripheral equipment for computers; such as webcams, keyboards and computer mice.

Mice[change | change source]

The first mice were made in switzerland, but now Logitech makes its items all over the world. It was selling computer mice that made logitech into a big company. In 2008, Logitech made its billionth mouse.[1]

Other Products[change | change source]

As well as webcams, keyboards and computer mouses logitech also makes other products such as:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Gamepads
  • Phone accessories
  • Special TV remotes

Logitech has also made two computer games: Jelly Jumper and Jelly Battle.

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