Lower Normandy

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Basse Normandie is marked in red

Lower Normandy (called Basse-Normandie in French) is one of the administrative Regions of France. It first became a region in 1956, when the old region of Normandy was split, into a part to the west (and south), the current Lower Normandy, and Upper Normandy, more to the east and the north. The capital of the region is Caen. 1.3 million people live in the region, 220,000 of them in the urban area of Caen.[when?]

The departments in the region are Calvados, Manche, and Orne.

The region's economy is centered on agriculture. Cider is made there and livestock is farmed. There is a bit of textile industry as well. It is the first region of France when it comes to producing butter, cheese and horses. The west part of the region is used mainly for farming, because of the prairies. Camembert, Pont-l'évêque and Livarot cheeses come from this region.