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Hydropower station in Bavaria
Power station in Taiwan

A power station (or power plant) is a place where electricity is produced. Most do this by electromagnetism, spinning a coil of wire past a magnet to induce an electric current. Usually the spinning is powered by a steam engine, specifically a steam turbine. The steam may be created by:

Some do not use steam engines to spin the generator. Rather they use:

A few power stations use the sun's rays to generate solar power without motion. There are many power stations around the world, because many things need electricity to work.

Energy sources[change | change source]

Renewable energy resources[change | change source]

Renewable heat energy
Renewable flow energy

Non-renewable energy resources[change | change source]

These all use heat as a source of energy.

Solid-state electricity sources[change | change source]

These sources have no moving parts. They are more expensive than generators, and are used where other questions are more important.