The Backyardigans

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The Backyardigans is a 3D CGI animated series that premiered on Nick Jr. in 2004.

Characters[change | edit source]

  • Pablo, a blue and yellow haired penguin. Voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen in Season 1 and Jake Goldberg from seasons 2-4.
  • Tyrone, a red-haired orange moose. Voiced by Reginald Davis, Jr. in Season 1, Jordan Coleman in Seasons 2-3 and Chris Grant, Jr. in Season 4
  • Uniqua, a pink Uniqua (name of the species). Voiced by LaShawn Tináh Jefferies in all seasons
  • Tasha, a yellow hippopotamus. Voiced by Naelee Rae in Seasons 1-2 and Gianna Bruzesse in Seasons 3-4.
  • Austin, a purple kangaroo. Voiced by Jonah Bobo (Season 1-4)

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