The Boy with No Name

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The boy with no name
Studio album by Travis
Released May, 2007
Genre Indie pop
Alternative rock

The Boy with No Name is the latest release by Indie pop band Travis and was released in May of 2007. The name of this record came from the fact it took Francis Healy (singer) a long time to name his son.

Songs[change | change source]

All songs written by Fran Healy, except where noted.

"3 Times and You Lose" (Healy, Andy Dunlop) – 4:14 "Selfish Jean" – 4:00 This track uses several lyrics and the overall theme from the 1997 B-side "Standing on My Own" (which was included on the single release of "Tied to the 90's").[3] "Closer" – 4:00 "Big Chair" (Healy, Dunlop) – 4:07 "Battleships" – 4:11 Backing vocals provided by Julia Stone. "Eyes Wide Open" – 2:59 "My Eyes" – 4:08 "One Night" – 4:00 "Under the Moonlight" (Susie Hug) – 4:00 Backing vocals provided by KT Tunstall. "Out in Space" – 3:35 "Colder" (Healy, Dougie Payne) – 4:06 "New Amsterdam" – 2:37 "Sailing Away" (hidden bonus track) – 3:31 Starts at 5:52 into last track (5:38 on UK and Mexican release). "Perfect Heaven Space" (UK bonus track) – 3:50 "Say Hello" (iTunes bonus track) - 3:33 (Only available on the release date)

"Closer" was the first single the band released from this album.