165659 Michaelhicks

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165659 Michaelhicks
Discovered by Near Earth Asteroid Tracking
Discovery date June 15, 2001
Name 165659 Michaelhicks
Named for Michael D. Hicks
Other names 2001 LZ6
Category main belt asteroid
Orbit [1]
Longest distance from the Sun 4.2224143 AU (631,664,188.4932 km)
Shortest distance from the Sun 1.9805059 AU (296,279,465.549 km)
Longest distance from the center of its orbital path
("semi-major axis")
3.1014601 AU (463,971,827.021 km)
How long it takes to complete an orbit 1995.0220874 days
5.46 years
Mean anomaly 204.28888°
Angle above the reference plane
Size and other qualities
True brightness
("absolute magnitude")

165659 Michaelhicks (called 2001 LZ6 before it was given a name) is a main belt asteroid. It was found by the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking team at Haleakalā on June 15, 2001. 165659 Michaelhicks is named after Michael D. Hicks, a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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