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1668 Shandong earthquake

Coordinates: 35°18′N 118°36′E / 35.3°N 118.6°E / 35.3; 118.6
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1668 Shandong earthquake
1668 Shandong earthquake is located in China
1668 Shandong earthquake
Local date25 July 1668 (1668-07-25)
Magnitude8.5 Ms
8.5 Mw
Depth25 km (16 mi)
Epicenter35°18′N 118°36′E / 35.3°N 118.6°E / 35.3; 118.6
Areas affectedShandong Province, Qing dynasty, China
Max. intensityXII (Extreme)
AftershocksContinued for 6 years
Casualties42,578–50,000+ deaths

The 1668 Shandong Earthquake, also known as the Great Tancheng Earthquake, was a very powerful earthquake that struck Shandong Province, Qing dynasty, China on 25 July 1668. The earthquake had a magnitude 8.5 with a hypocenter (depth) of 25 km. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the northeast of the city of Linyi. The maximum Mercalli intensity was XII (Extreme).[1] This earthquake caused massive devastation in Shandong and in the neighboring provinces, leading to the deaths of an estimated 43,000 to 50,000 people. This was the most powerful earthquake in eastern China, and one of the most powerful earthquakes to occur on land. Historical documents say that there was flooding at the coast and at river shores after the earthquake, which means that there could have been a tsunami. After the earthquake, there were many aftershocks which lasted for six years.


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