189930 Jeanneherbert

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189930 Jeanneherbert
Discovered by David Healy
Discovery date September 22, 2003
Name 189930 Jeanneherbert
Named for Jeanne Herbert
Other names 2003 SR200
Category main belt asteroid
Orbit [1]
Longest distance from the Sun 3.1013757 AU (463,959,200.961 km)
Shortest distance from the Sun 2.4855129 AU (371,827,437.437 km)
Longest distance from the center of its orbital path
("semi-major axis")
2.7934443 AU (417,893,319.199 km)
How long it takes to complete an orbit 1705.3300517 days
4.67 years
Mean anomaly 147.97576°
Angle above the reference plane
Size and other qualities
True brightness
("absolute magnitude")

189930 Jeanneherbert (provisional designation 2003 SR200) is a main belt asteroid. It was discovered by David Healy on September 22, 2003 at Junk Bond Observatory. 189930 Jeanneherbert is named after Jeanne Herbert, an active member of the Huachuca Astronomy Club.

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