1922 Leganés train crash

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1922 Leganés train crash
Date17 April 1922

The 1922 Leganés train crash was a train crash that happened on 17 April 1922 at 9:15 am. A train from Portugal to Madrid derailed at the Leganés train station in Spain. One person died and about 30 people were injured, most of them severe. The entire convoy of the train derailed, overturning the locomotive and destroying numerous wagons, many of which crashed into each other. Within an hour after the accident the injured received the necessary medical treatment from the Leganés hospital and from the military force of the Asturias regiment's barracks under the command of colonel Mario Muslera [es]. At 10:30 civil governor Bullón, arrived by car at the accident. One of the things he did, was that he gave 500 pesetas to the mayor Pablo Durán for the family of the person who died.[1][2]

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