1950 Assam–Tibet earthquake

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1950 Assam-Tibet earthquake
Date August 15, 1950 (1950-08-15)
Magnitude 8.6 Ms
Epicenter 28°30′N 96°30′E / 28.5°N 96.5°E / 28.5; 96.5
Areas affected China, India
Casualties 30,000

The Asssam-Tibet earthquake,[1] also called the Assam earthquake,[1] happened on 15 August 1950. The earthquake had a magnitude of 8.6. It killed 1,526 people. It was the 6th biggest earthquake of the 20th century.[2] It is also the biggest earthquake on record that was not caused by an oceanic subduction. Instead, it was caused by two continental plates converging (crashing together).

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