2013 Southern California shootings

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The 2013 Southern California shootings were an incident that happened in Southern California. The victims were law enforcement officers and related families.

The incident began on February 3, 2013, around which point 28-year-old Monica Quan and her fiancé Keith Lawrence, in Irvine, were found dead. They were shot in Lawrence's car. The suspected perpetrator of the crime, Christopher Dorner, put out a manifesto one day after the crime. Dorner is a former officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. On February 7, the driver of a pickup truck fired a rifle onto two officers, grazing the head of one and killing another. The one that was killed was Michael Crain, who died shortly after the shooting. Dorner was later found by police on February 12 and hid in a wooden cabin. The cabin later caught on fire. Human remains was found with a wallet reading "Christopher Dorner".[1]

Christopher Dorner's early life[change | change source]

Christopher Dorner had many different identities in his lifetime. He was regarded as been an upstanding citizen, an athlete, a law enforcement officer and a decorated military veteran. Some people who knew him indicated that he was very intelligent and sensitive. In a photo released by the police, he was standing up straight with the police uniform, smiling warmly, and the background for this photo is the American flag. In 2008, he was dismissed from the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) on a charge of making false statements. His colleagues said this was the turning point for his life. He typed 6000 words and posted it on the Internet. He released his anger and bitterness because of a decision that was made five years ago. He believed and firmly believe the racism, twenty years after the beating of black suspect Rodney King by white officers unleashed waves of rioting in Los Angeles.

Overview of the case[change | change source]

Dorner started his killing with a plan. First he had a package with some complaints, and sent it to Anderson Cooper, who is a television personality, and arrive at CNN on February 1, 2013. Then Dorner tailed after a couple and killed them into their car on February 3, 2013. In this murder case, the dead include the daughter for the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) captain who became his defence lawyer in the LAPD review board hearings of his allegations against his training officer. In the end, he posted many statements which had next target's name and threaten them lives. It cause the police to mount a widespread manhunt for Dorner, the area was from California to include Nevada and Mexico. The police said the need protected more than 40 potential targets of Dorner's. Thousands of police were patrol in Southern California's highways.

Details of the case[change | change source]

On February 1, Anderson Cooper of CNN got a package. It contained a DVD and a challenge coin carve a notes "1MOA". It meaned that the coin was shot at 100 meters.

On February 3, 28-year-old Monica Quan, and her fiancé, 27-year-old Keith Lawrence, were killed into a white car. Quan, an assistant women's basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton, was the daughter of Randal Quan. The crime scene was outside their condominium, in the city of Irvine.

On February 5, This information was for military sources that Dorner checked into Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego. However, he didn't checkout when he left.

On February 7, Two LAPD officers found Dorner at a gas station in Corona, they got a drastic shooting, and one officer, Michael Crain, died after the shooting.

On February 10, The government offered a $1 million reward for information about Dorner. Some people said he was hidden somewhere in the San Bernardino Mountains. In February 13, It was reported that they found Dorner's body in the mountain cabin.

References[change | change source]

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