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A demonstration against the coup in the street

The 2014–2016 Turkish judicial purges were purges of the judicial system of Turkey that took place in January 2014 and July 2016 during the presidency of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In January 2014, 120 judges and prosecutors were reassigned during a major corruption enquiry[1][2] and on 16 July 2016, 2,745 judges were dismissed immediately following the 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt.[3][4]

Purges by numbers[change | change source]

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel shaking hands with General Erdal Öztürk but Öztürk was arrested in connection with the failed coup
Header text Suspended Arrested Notes Reference/Date
Turkish Armed Forces 1,684 96 2016-07-27
Turkish Land Forces 1,069 N/A 87 generals
Turkish Naval Forces 154 N/A 32 admirals
Turkish Air Force 461 N/A 30 generals
Ministry of the Interior 8,777 N/A 2016-07-18
Ministry of Health 5,581 N/A 115 managers, 1504 doctors 2016-07-28
Ministry of Culture and Tourism 110 N/A 2016-07-26
Ministry of National Education 15,200 N/A 2016-07-19
MNE licensed Education institutions 21,000 N/A
Ministry of Development 82 N/A 2016-07-25
Ministry of Economy 15 N/A 2016-07-25
Ministry of Forest and Water Management 197 N/A 2016-07-25
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications 529 N/A 2016-07-25
Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 560 N/A 2016-07-25
Ministry of Family and Social Policy 599 N/A 2016-07-25
Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning 70 N/A 2016-07-25
Turkish Universities 697 N/A 2016-07-22
İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality 768 N/A 2016-07-29
Totals 45,954 2016-07-25

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