2019–20 Brucellosis outbreak

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2019–20 Brucellosis outbreak
DiseaseSevere fever and reproductive syndrome
Virus strainBrucella
LocationEastern Asia
First outbreakLanzhou, Gansu, China
Index caseHeilongjiang
Arrival dateEnd date:2021:09, September 12, 2019 (18) (2019-09-12TEnd date:2021:0918)
Confirmed cases6,620
Suspected cases55, 725
Suspected cases have not been confirmed by laboratory tests as being due to this strain, although some other strains may have been ruled out.

The 2019–20 Brucellosis outbreak is a zoonotic infectious type of disease that is transmitted to domestic animals, it is a type of disease, flu (flu) that spread in northwestern China spread to about 6,000 infected, it was first recorded on September 12, 2019 according to the government of In the city of Lanzhou, China, the infected have received one treatment in each hospital over a year ago as COVID-19 evaporated, December 2019.

Outbreak[change | change source]

More than 6,000+ in some other records 55, 725 tinest tested positive. the infected people in the first record reached 3, 745, November 2020 the disease worsened in the whole city of "Lanzhou", this disease came from domestic animals Sheep, Goats, Cows, Pigs and even Aso has been the case in some countries. The cause of this in humans is that if a pet is infected with its owner, it can also be infected or transmitted quickly, it can be transmitted to humans through milk, cheese or any semen that comes from the infected which is a pet.

Human to human transmission is possible according to the World Health Organization (WHO)