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The 27 club is the name given to a group of musicians who died at age 27. The members or number of members of this group is not fixed.

Musicians often included in the 27 Club[change | change source]

Picture Name Date of death How they died What they did Age
Tombstone of Robert Johnson Johnson, RobertRobert Johnson 01938-08-16 August 16 1938 Strychnine poisoning Played the blues, the first of the 27 club. 27 years, 100 days
Jones, BrianBrian Jones 01969-07-03 July 3 1969 Drowned in a swimming pool[1] Was in the band The Rolling Stones 27 years, 125 days
Jimi Hendrix Hendrix, JimiJimi Hendrix 01970-09-18 September 18 1970 Too much wine, probably choked on vomit[2] Sang, played guitar and wrote songs for The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys 27 years, 295 days
Janis Joplin Joplin, JanisJanis Joplin 01970-10-04 October 4 1970 Took too much heroin[3] Sang and wrote songs for Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Cosmic Blues Band and Full Tilt Boogie Band 27 years, 258 days
Jim Morrison Morrison, JimJim Morrison 01971-07-03 July 3 1971 Heart attack[4] Sang and wrote songs for The Doors 27 years, 206 days
Voev, DimitarDimitar Voev 01992-09-05 September 5 1992 Cancer Sang, played bass and wrote songs for Nova Generacia 27 years, 107 days
Kurt Cobain Cobain, KurtKurt Cobain 01994-04-05 April 5 1994 Suicide[5] Sang, played guitar and wrote songs for Nirvana 27 years, 44 days
Amy Winehouse Winehouse, AmyAmy Winehouse 02011-07-23 July 23 2011 Alcohol poisoning[6] Singer 27 years, 312 days

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