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A hypercube moving along the 4D axis
A hypercube moving along the 4D axis
A 4-D torus rotating on the 4D axis.
A 4D torus rotating on the 4D axis.

4D meaning four dimensions is an important idea in geometry. Three-dimension space (3D) has length, depth and height. The fourth dimension is in relation to that three dimensions like a vertical dimension.

In some branches of physics time is considered as a fourth dimension but in real time people are not allowed to perceive it and it is used for modeling physical and social causes.

In mathematics, four-dimension space is an abstract concept which has been studied by mathematics and philosophers for many years. Mathematicians who studied four-dimension space in the 19th century include Möbius, Schläfi, Bernhard Riemann, and Charles Howard Hinton.

In the twentieth century the idea of spacetime was developed. It connects space and time. The difference is that spacetime is not a Euclidean space but it rather "Minkowski spacetime".

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