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Victoria Wien (1910)

The Athletiksport Club Viktoria Wien was an Austrian athletics and football club from the capital Vienna. The Viktoria football section was one of the founding members of the first official Austrian championship in 1911.[1]

History[change | change source]

Viktoria Vienna was founded in 1898. A few years after its founding, the club changed the Latin/English form of the name Victoria with a "c" for the German form with a "k" in its name.

The club's greatest success was reaching the final of the Challenge Cup in the 1898/99 season. The final game against First Vienna FC on March 5, 1899 was clearly lost 4-1. In the 1901/02 season, the club played in the second class of the championship announced by the Austrian Football Union, but only finished fourth and last.

In the years that followed, a good team grew up in the club and Viktoria was accepted into the first class by the ÖFV for the first compulsory championship in 1906/07, which was later canceled and declared unofficial. Due to its playing strength, Viktoria was able to stay in this class until the official championship was introduced in 1911/12.

In the first season of the Austrian championship, the club ran into financial difficulties. After four rounds of the championship had been completed, Viktoria was no longer able to play. On 24 November 1911, it joined the traditional Vienna Cricket and Football Club. Despite the merger of the two clubs, the Cricketers achieved no wins and only two draws and finished eleventh and last in the table at the end of the season.

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