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AS or as may refer to:

Science and technology[change | change source]

  • A. S. (car), a small French car built in the 1920s
  • ActionScript, a programming language developed by Macromedia and Adobe
  • Aggregate supply, the total supply of goods, in economics
  • Almost surely or a.s., in probability theory, an event with probability 1
  • Associate of Science, an American associate degree
  • Arsenic, chemical symbol "As"
  • Australian Standard, usually followed by the standard number
  • Autonomous system (Internet), a collection of IP networks
  • Arcsecond, ​160 arcminute, a unit of angular measurement
  • Attosecond or as, one trillionth (long scale) (10−18) or one quintillionth (short scale) (10−18) of a second, a unit of time
  • Attosiemens or aS, one trillionth (long scale) (10−18) or one quintillionth (short scale) (10−18) of a siemens, a unit of electric conductance

Medicine[change | change source]

Places[change | change source]

  • .as, the Internet country code top-level domain for American Samoa
  • As, Belgium, a municipality in Belgium
  • Ås, a municipality in Akershus county, Norway
  • Ås, Sør-Trøndelag, a village in Tydal municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway
  • Ås, Swedish name for Harju quarter in Helsinki, Finland
  • , a town in the Czech Republic

People[change | change source]

  • Æsir are called "ás", "áss", or "ǫ́ss" in Norse.
  • Ossetians were called As or Asi by the Georgians and Russians in the past

Organizations[change | change source]

Other uses[change | change source]

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