A Serbian Film

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A Serbian Film
Directed by Srđan Spasojević
Produced by Dragoljub Vojnov
Srđan Spasojević
Written by Aleksandar Radivojević
Srđan Spasojević
Starring Sergej Trifunović
Srđan Todorović
Jelena Gavrilović
Music by Sky Wikluh
Cinematography Nemanja Jovanov
Editing by Darko Simić
Studio Contra Film
Distributed by Jinga Films (Worldwide)
Invincible Pictures (US)
Release date(s)11 June 2010 (2010-06-11) (Serbia)[1]
Running time 104 minutes (Original cut)
103 minutes (VOD/DVD cut)
99 minutes (United Kingdom cut)[2]
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
Money made 6,975 (Serbia)

A Serbian Film is a horror movie which opened to much controversy. When it was released during 2010, the movie was marked with a Refused Classification rating in Australia. A highly censored version was later approved. It was released in the United States with a rating of NC-17 (No Children 17 or Under Admitted) in May 2011. The movie is about a pornographic movie star who agrees to perform in an art film, but then learns that he has been dragged into a snuff movie filled with necrophilia and other adult themes. A Serbian Film faced severe censorship problems in many countries because of its mature content.

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