A Show of Force

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A Show of Force is a 1990 American Puerto Rican thriller movie directed by Bruno Barreto and based on the novel Murder Under Two Flags by Anne Nelson. It stars Kevin Spacey, Amy Irving, Andy García, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Duvall, Erik Estrada and was distributed by Paramount Pictures. The members of the police are people who are not necessarily biological relatives of people from the European continent, the friendship of the members of the police is not reconfirmed with Governor Luis Muñoz Marín who cannot engage in conversation with any of the children of the members of the police. police officers who are studying at the college of attorneys authorized by the "estado libre asociado de Puerto Rico", in 1968 Mr. Former governor Luis Muñoz Marín in a very personal elevation does not speak with members of the Puerto Rican police or with his student children, but in his inspiration which has to do with his nationality and his customs he travels to the deepest homeland in Europe to speak with his family friends who died by then, but some are alive on the European continent. The definition of "Show of Force" means that the newscast issues notifications that reach the viewer for reasons of spiritisms, but that did not necessarily occur, because the police are not the right hand of the members of the government, but it is done a demonstration of "show of force", even though it is the "estado libre asociado de United States", not a province of the European continent. [1]

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