A Venetian water fete (Rotta)

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Venetian water fete
Italian: Una festa veneziana sull'acqua, French: Une fête de l'eau vénitienne
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ArtistAntonio Rotta
TypeOil on canvas
Dimensions440 cm × 270 cm (172 in × 106 in)

A Venetian water fete (also known as Una festa Veneziana sull'acqua or Un baccanale di Venezia) is a 19th-century painted in oil on canvas made by Antonio Rotta, in 1863, in Venice, Italy. The artwork measures centimeters 172 x 106 (41.7 x 67.7 in.).[1][2]

Antonio Rotta's work "A Venetian water fete" was auctioned in 2001 at Sotheby's in London and acquired by an English collector for € 158.000 plus auction fees.[3]

Antonio Rotta is one of the most famous painters in the Italian history of genre painting, compared to a poet of the Venetian ballads, he describes the everyday life and feelings of the Venice at this epoque.

Rotta has created 3 other similar works that make up a cycle of boat parties in Venice and recall the still current existence of the Redentore feast.

Description[change | change source]

The art work describes the typical Venetian festival, probably during the Feast of the Redeemer, with two boats side by side and musicians in the Venice lagoon in Italy.

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