Abrahams Well International Visitors Center

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Coordinates: 31°14′14.01″N 34°47′35.08″E / 31.2372250°N 34.7930778°E / 31.2372250; 34.7930778

Abrahams Well International Visitors Center
Beersheba, Be'er Avraham 01.jpg
Location2 Hebron road Beer Sheva

The Abrahams Well International Visitors Center is an archaeological museum and convention center in Beer Sheva, Israel. It was opened in 2013 on the site of Abrahams Well. The center is near the Old city of Beer Sheva and Nahal Beer Sheva on the road to Eilat. The well was discovered in the 19th century by Edward Robinson and Henry Baker Tristram. In 1897, a Beduin sheikh built an Arabian structure above the well to take over the place. In the Ottoman period in Israel a Bustan was grown next to the well. According to the Jewish Bible, in the place of the well Abraham signed a peace agreement with Abimelech, the king of the Philistines.

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