Adam Falckenhagen

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Adam Falckenhagen

Adam Falckenhagen (26 April 1697 – 6 October 1754) was a German composer and lutenist (somebody who plays the lute). He was one of the last baroque composers to write music for the lute.

Life[change | change source]

Falckenhagen was born in Großdalzig, a city near Leipzig. He learned to play the lute and the harpsichord. From 1719-1720 he studied in the Leipzig University. Between 1720 and 1727 he worked in Weißenfels as a court musician. He went to Dresden to study with Sylvius Leopold Weiss. In 1734 he moved to Bayreuth. He worked for Margrave Frederick of Bayreuth. He died in Bayreuth on 6 October 1754.[1]

References[change | change source]

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