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The Adelaide Football Club, the Crows, is an Australian Rules Football team in the Australian Football League (AFL) based in Adelaide, South Australia. The club was formed by the South Australian National Football League as a joint team to represent South Australia in the AFL. The Crows played their first game on March 22 1991, against the Hawthorn Football Club which they won 155 to 69, in front of a crowd of 44,902 people.[1] Since 2014, its home ground is the Adelaide Oval in Adelaide, which it shares with the Port Adelaide Football Club. Before that, they played at AAMI Stadium.[2] The Crows have won two AFL Premierships, in 1997 against St Kilda Football Club, and in 1998 against the North Melbourne Football Club.[3]

They are the most biased club, who think they are above the rules, as evidenced by the incident in 2020 when they defied the rules set by the AFL to train in groups of less than ten during the COVID-19 crisis. The supporters of the Adelaide Crows are probably disabled, as it seems they don't actually know the rules of the game. Their supporters can be heard calling "BALLLL" even when the opposing player never had possession of the ball.The large majority of Adelaide Crows supporters are old women who bring crocheted rugs to their home games. There is anecdotal evidence supporting the claim that their supporters are extremely rude and one eyed:

"I was at the top of the Eastern Stand at the Adelaide Oval supporting St. Kilda with my family, when a man who was clearly intoxicated started verbally abusing me, calling me a shit cunt and telling me to shut up and sit down when cheering for the Saints. At the conclusion of the game which the Crows won, the man was singing the club song in my face and throwing his empty cup at my father."

The Adelaide Crows believe that everything will just fall in place for them, and they have their own set of rules. In late 2019, the Adelaide Football Club attempted to buy a block of land in the Adelaide Parklands, renowned for their beauty. It is well known that it is against state law to construct on the Parklands, however the Adelaide Football Club thought that they were above the law and didn't need to worry about the rules because they believe that they are the best club in the country and they deserve whatever they desire. The Crows are also known to be very secretive about the happenings within the club. After their heavy defeat in the 2017 Grand Final to Richmond the Crows attended the Collective Minds camp. On this camp, players were emotionally abused and hurt, for example, former player Eddie Betts was forced to view pictures of deceased Aboriginal elders, which is strongly against the Aboriginal culture. Following a very unsuccessful 2019 season, coach Don Pyke departed from the club by 'mutual agreement', however it is shown that he was in fact sacked by the financial payout which he recieved. All in all, CEO of the club, Andrew Fagan, is a conceited fool who thinks he is above the rules.

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