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Temporal range: Palaeocene – Recent
1.Orycteropus 2.Dugong 3.Rhynchocyon 4.Trichechus sp. 5.Chrysochloridae sp. 6.Procavia 7.Loxodonta africana 8.Tenrec
Scientific classification

The Afrotheria is a group of mammals, (a superorder or a clade). It includes the golden moles, elephant shrews, tenrecs, aardvarks, hyraxes, elephants and manatees.

Biologists made this group based on DNA sequence analysis.[1] Afrotheria are one of four major groups in the Eutheria (placental mammals). Afrotheria means "African animals", "afro" for Africa and "theria" for animals.

More recent genomics suggests that Afrotheria and Xenarthra are sister taxa at the base of the placental mammal radiation.[2]

Relations between the various afrotherian orders are still being studied. Elephants and manatees seem to be related, and likewise elephant shrews and aardvarks.[3] These findings are compatible with the work of earlier anatomists.[4][5]

Organization[change | change source]

Afrotheria is a clade of placental mammals.[6][7]

References[change | change source]

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