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Air Police (Palestine)

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The Palestinian Air Police is a military body in the State of Palestine that is responsible for everything related to aircraft and landing strips in the State of Palestine.[1]

Origin[change | change source]

The Palestinian Air Police was established in 1994 after a presidential decree was issued to change the name of the Palestinian Air Force to become the Air Police based on the decision of President Yasser Arafat.[2]

Its tasks[change | change source]

The tasks of the Palestinian Air Police are to fully supervise the 5 helicopters belonging to the President of Palestine. The Air Police is responsible for taking off, landing, and securing all aircraft arriving into the territory of the State of Palestine.[3] In addition to supervising all approved airstrips in the Palestinian governorates.[4]

West Bank sites[change | change source]

The Palestinian Air Police has heliports in the cities of Ramallah, Tulkarm, Bethlehem, and Jenin.

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