Airbus A350 XWB

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Airbus A350XWB
A350 First Flight - Low pass 02.jpg
Airbus A350-900 during its first flight on June 14, 2013
Role Wide-Body jet airliner
National origin Multi-country[1]
Manufacturer Airbus
First flight June 14, 2013
Status Being produced and being used by airlines
Produced 2010-present
Number built 212 as of October 31, 2018
Unit cost
A350-900:US$287.7 million
A350-1000:US$332.1 million[2]
Developed from Airbus A340

The Airbus A350 XWB (XWB standing for Extra Wide Body) is a type of airplane built by European aerospace company Airbus. It is a long-ranged aircraft with two engines and a wide body. It is said that the plane is able to hold and transport 250-350 passengers in a first class, business class, and economy class or a normal 3-class setting. On January 15, 2015, the A350-900 entered service with Qatar Airways, and the A350-1000 in February 24, 2018 with the same airline.

Variants[change | change source]

Variants include:

  • A350-900 (A359)
    • A350-900ULR

A350-1000[change | change source]

The A350-1000 is a wide body twin engined aircraft made by Airbus. It can hold more than 400 passengers when arranged in an all economy class configuration.[3] It is currently operated by Qatar airways and Cathay Pacific.[4] Soon other airlines will use this aircraft such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Its first flight was on the 24 November 2016.

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