Al Nassr FC

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Al-Nassr Football Club (Arabic: نادي النصر السعودي; Naṣr meaning "Victory") is a Saudi football club that was formed in 1955. The club is in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Al-Nassr is well-known through Asia and the Middle East. The club has a large base of supporters, possibly the most supported club in Saudi Arabia.[source?]

History[change | change source]

Players[change | change source]

Many legendary footballers from Saudi Arabia have played for Al-Nassr. Among them are Majed Abdullah, Fahad Al-Herafy, Mohaisn Al-Jam'aan, Yousef Khamees and many other outstanding players.

Insignia[change | change source]

Al-Nassr's kit colors are yellow and blue. The logo resembles the Arabian Peninsula with the same colors, symbolizing the sand of Saudi Arabia and the sea near it.

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