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Albert Memmi

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Albert Memmi

Albert Memmi (Arabic: ألبرت ميمي; December 15, 1920 – May 22, 2020) was a Tunisian-born French writer, sociologist and essayist. He was born in Tunis.

Memmi's well-known first novel, La statue de sel (translated as The Pillar of Salt), was published in 1953. It had an introduction written by Albert Camus and was awarded the Fénéon Prize in 1954.[1] His other novels include Agar (translated as Strangers), Le Scorpion (The Scorpion), and Le Desert (The Desert).

Memmi's related sociological works include Dominated Man, Dependence, and Racism.

He died on May 22, 2020 in Paris at the age of 99.[2]

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