Alejandro Abrines Redondo

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Alejandro Abrines Redondo (2022)

Alejandro Abrines Redondo (born in Palma de Mallorca in 1993) is a Spanish professional basketball player. He currently plays for FC Barcelona Bàsquet. Abrines started to play basketball at seven years old in La Salle Palma (C.B. La Salle). He was playing basketball in La Salle in the junior category at seventeen years old.

In 2010 Abrines went to a campus with Unicaja De Málaga, and signed a contract with Aíto García Reneses, the trainer of Unicaja De Málaga.

He started playing in LEB Oro with Clínicas Rincón, the branch of Unicaja. In the summer of 2011 Abrines was selected to the Spanish selection of Basketball U-18 for play the European Championship, where he was elected MVP.

And later was selected to play the all-star at European level. In October 2011 Alejandro Abrines debuted VS Gran Canaria in the ACB. He later did the same in the Basketball Euroleague. In February 2012 he debuted in La Copa del Rey.

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