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Alexander Tolmer

Alexander Tolmer (1815—1890) was the man in charge of the South Australian police force.[1] Born in England to French parents, he studied to be a teacher of languages. He joined the army and saw action in Portugal from 1826—1833 during the civil war.[2] Tolmer moved to South Australia in 1836, where Governor George Gawler thought his background in the cavalry would make him the right person to set up a group of mounted police.[1]

In 1852 Tolmer became the police commissioner. He led a group of police from South Australia to the Victorian gold fields and escorted a load of gold back to Adelaide.[1]

In 1856 after a number of small arguments with his offices, Tolmer was removed as commissioner.[2] He tried farming, but this was unsuccessful. He tried to lead an exploring group to cross Australia from south to north, but this also failed before it left Adelaide. He became a ranger for crown lands in 1862 and retired in 1885. He died at Mitcham, South Australia, on 7 March 1890.

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