Alfonso Azpiri

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Alfonso Azpiri
Azpiri signing at the 27è Saló Internacional del Còmic de Barcelona
Azpiri at a book signing
Died18 August 2017(2017-08-18) (aged 69–70)
Area(s)Cartoonist, Writer, Artist

Alfonso Azpiri (1947 – August 18, 2017) was a Spanish comic book artist, whose work was mainly of the adult variety. He was born in Madrid. His work has been translated and published in a number of magazines, including Heavy Metal and Penthouse Comix.

Azpiri's best known works were Lorna, a Barbarella-like space adventurer who travels the galaxy accompanied by two droids, the R2D2-like ADL and the C-3PO-like Arnold.[1]

Azpiri died on August 18, 2017 in Madrid at the age of 69 of a heart attack.[2]

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