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Paris, December 3, 2007
Alizée Jacotey

21 August 1984

Alizée Jacotey (born 21 August 1984 in Ajaccio, Corsica) is a French pop singer. Her stage name is Alizée — which is the feminine form of alizé and means "trade wind".[1] Alizée was found by Mylène Farmer, after Alizée's performance in the talent show, Graines de Star, in 1999.[2] While working with Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, Alizée put out two albums. Both of which were hits both inside and outside of France. After the first two albums she broke up with Mylène and Laurent. She has released three more albums. On 6 November 2003 she married Jérémy Chatelain. In 2012 they divorced.

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