All Japan Pro Wrestling

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All Japan Pro Wrestling
Industry Royal Road
When it was created October 21, 1972
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Key people Shohei Baba (founder)
Nobuo Shiraishi (owner)
Website (Japanese)

All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW/AJP) is an Japanese professional wrestling company founded on October 21, 1972 by Shohei Baba.[1]

Baba died on January 31, 1999 and Mitsuharu Misawa became president afterwards. There was a majority vote of the executive board that wanted Misawa removed from his position which he was. On June 13, 2000, Misawa, Mitsuo Momota (co-vice president, member of directory), Kenta Kobashi (member of directory), Akira Taue (member of directory, chairman), Kenichi Oyagi (member of directory) and Yoshihiro Momota (member of directory) all resigned from their board positions and the next day, Motoko Baba (Shohei Baba's widow) released a two-page written statement where she claimed claimed that Misawa "took no responsibility and abandoned his duty."

On October 27 2013, Dory Funk, Jr. was announced as the new PWF chairman.[2]

Champions[change | change source]

Championship Current champion(s) Date won
Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Kento Miyahara February 12, 2016
World Tag Team Championship The Big Guns
(Bodyguard and Zeus)
December 23, 2015
World Junior Heavyweight Championship Vacant November 16, 2015
All Asia Tag Team Championship Yankii Nichokenju
(Isami Kodaka and Yuko Miyamoto)
November 15, 2015
Gaora TV Championship Yohei Nakajima August 16, 2015

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