All My Loving

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"All My Loving"
Song by The Beatles
from the album With the Beatles
Released22 November 1963
Recorded30 July 1963
GenreRock and roll
2:07 (untrimmed stereo version)
Producer(s)George Martin
With the Beatles track listing

"All My Loving" is a song by The Beatles, written by Paul McCartney[1] (credited to Lennon/McCartney), from the 1963 album With the Beatles.

Writing[change | change source]

According to journalist Bill Harry, McCartney wrote the lyrics while shaving,[2] but McCartney told biographer Barry Miles that he wrote them while on a tour bus.[1] He also said, "It was the first song I'd ever written the words first. I never wrote words first, it was always some kind of accompaniment. I've hardly ever done it since either."[1] The lyrics follow the "letter song" model as used on "P.S. I Love You",[3] the B-side of their first single.

Lennon showed his love for the song in his 1980 Playboy interview:[4]

LENNON:"All My Loving" is Paul, I regret to say. Ha ha ha.


LENNON: Because it's a damn good piece of work....But I play a pretty mean guitar in back.

Personnel[change | change source]

Personnel per Ian MacDonald[3]

Notes[change | change source]

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