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Anal sex

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19th-century erotic image of Hadrian and Antinous in Egypt, by Paul Avril

Anal sex is a sex act performed on the anus. Anal sex can involve a penis inserted in the anus, oral stimulation, of the anus, using fingers for penetration and using different objects for stimulation.[1]


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The anus is a part of the body that is tight and cannot lubricate itself. Because of this, a person should be careful not to damage the walls of this organ if inserting something. Lubrication is often used which can be oil or water-based and is sold commercially.[2]

For a man, pleasure can come from the stimulation of the prostate that is found near the anus. For women, it can come from indirect stimulation of the clitoral legs/G-Spot or the cervix. Both men and women can get pleasure from anal sex because the anus has many nerve endings.[3]


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