Ancient Meitei language

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Ancient Meitei
Old Manipuri
Meithei manuscript, a Indian language.jpg
RegionAncient Manipur
EthnicityMeitei ethnicity
EraAncient Manipur[1]
  • Ancient Meitei
Meitei script[2]
Official status
Official language in
Ancient Manipur
Language codes
ISO 639-3omp
omp Old Manipuri

Ancient Meitei or Old Manipuri was the early form of the present day Meitei language (Manipuri language) and was the national language of Ancient Manipur.[3][4][5] The language is as old as the reign of Emperor "Tangja Leela Pakhangba" in Ancient Manipur, right from 1445 BC,[6][7] and was spoken upto the beginning of the Medieval Manipur.[7]

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