Anglesey Coastal Path

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These are signs used to show walkers where the Anglesey Coastal Footpath goes

The Anglesey Coastal Path is a 1,400-mile (2,300 km) is a footpath on the island of Anglesey, Wales in the United Kingdom.[1] The footpath is a part of the Wales Coast Path.

Description[change | change source]

The footpath follows the coast of the island of Anglesey. It goes around the entire island except in two places. Those two places are Plas Newydd and Afon Alaw between Llanfachraeth and Llanynghenedl.[1] The path starts at Holyhead. It travels through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The majority of the path travels through public land with a small amount going through private land. Owners of the private land have given permission for walkers to pass through their property. [2]The path is part of the All Wales Coast Path.[3]

The path cost £1.4 million to build. It was built by two organizations: Menter Môn and Isle of Anglesey County Council. It was opened on June 9, 2006 by Rhodri Morgan.

Attached trails[change | change source]

There are three trails that connect to the Anglesey Coastal Path. They are:

Places on the path[change | change source]

Walkers can visit many places on the path.

Villages and towns[change | change source]

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The small island of Cribinau can be visited on the path.

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