Anglo-Mysore Wars

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The Anglo-Mysore wars were the four wars fought between Sultanate of Mysore and the British East India Company, Maratha Empire, Nizam of Hyderabad and Kingdom of Travancore combined. The Four wars were fought with Mysore by the company.

The first Anglo-Mysore war (1767-69) and the second Anglo-Mysore war (1780-84) were won by the Sultanate of Mysore.

In the third Anglo-Mysore war (1790-92), Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan were attacked by the combined forces of Marathas, the Nizam of Hyderabad and the company, Tipu was forced to sign a treaty with the British by which two of his sons were taken away as hostages.

The fourth Anglo-Mysore War (1798 – 1799) saw the death of Tipu Sultan and further reductions in Mysorean territory. This was the last battle in which the company ultimately win a victory. After, Mysore was placed under the former ruling dynasty of the Wodeyars and the subsidiary alliance was imposed on the state.