Anglo-Nepalese War

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Anglo-Nepalese War

Bhakti Thapa (yellow) leading Nepalese Gurkhali Army against British forces
Date1 November 1814 – 4 March 1816
Result East India Company victory

The Battle of Nalapani was fought between the soldiers of the British East India Company and Nepal, which was then controlled by the House of Gorkha, in 1814-1816. The fight took place at Dehradun, near the Nalapani fort, which was besieged by the British between October 31 and November 30, 1814.[1] Captain Balbhadra Kunwar commanded the fort's defenders, while Major-General Robert Rollo Gillespie, who had previously participated in the Battle of Java, led the invading British forces. Gillespie was slain while rousing his soldiers on the first day of the siege.[2]

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